Technology How To Videos

Sometimes you just need a quick tutorial on how to add a folder to Google Drive or add an extension to Google Chrome. Below you'll find a link to Google Folders with short how-to videos on various topics. If there is something you would like to know how to do but I do not have a video comment below or send me a Tweet on Twitter @oodlesofteach.

30 Sweet and Simple Ways to Get Your Students' Attention

As a teacher, I know the importance of having a quick way to grab my students' attention.  Check out the list of attention grabbers below that I have used in the past with my students:

  1. Teacher says "Soft kitty, warm kitty." Students say "Little ball of fur." 
  2. Teacher says "Winner winner." Students say "Chicken dinner." 
  3. Teacher says "Alright, stop." Students say "Collaborate and listen."
  4. Teacher asks “Ready to rock?”
  5. Teachers say “Hocus Pocus.” Students say “Everybody focus.”
  6. Teacher says "Class, class, class." Students say "Yes, yes, yes." 
  7. Teacher says “Quiet on the set.” Students say “Action!”
  8. Teacher says "Ready to listen." Students say "Ready to Learn."
  9. Teacher says "Macaroni and cheese." Students say "Everybody freeze."
  10. Teacher says "Peanut butter." Students say "Jelly time."
  11. Teacher says “Surf’s up!” Students say "Cowabunga dude."
  12. Teacher says "Du na na na. ..." Students say "Batman."
  13. Teacher asks “Ready to rock?” Students say “Ready to roll.”
  14. Teacher says “Hands on top.” Students say “That means stop.”
  15. Teacher says “Eenie Meenie.” Students say “Minie moe.”
  16. Teacher says “Ready, set?” Students say “You bet!”
  17. Teacher says “Chicka, chicka.” Students say “Boom, boom.”
  18. Teacher says “Chugga, chugga.” Students say “Choo, choo!”
  19. Teacher says "That's not spirit fingers." Students say "These are spirit fingers." (while doing spirit fingers) 
  20. Teacher says “Everybody in the house.” Students say “Is as quiet as a mouse.”
  21. Teacher says "Crew." Students say "Aye, aye, captain."
  22. Teacher says "Shark bait." Students say "Hoo ha ha."
  23. Teacher says "To infinity." Students say "And beyond."
  24. Teacher says "Holy moly." Students say "Guacamole."
  25. Teacher says "Hakuna." Students say "Matata."
  26. Teacher says "Marco." Students say "Polo."
  27. Teacher says "Who loves you? Students say "You do."
  28. Teacher says "Cutie pie, honey bun." Students say "You know that I love you." 
  29. Teacher says "Red Robin." Students say "Yum."
  30. Teacher says "Oh me." Students say "Oh my." 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found something useful for your classroom. If you found it helpful, please share with a teacher friend!

Sentence Fluency Practices for 3rd and 4th Grade

In Tennessee, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade assessment will include a fluency section. The section will have 20 yes or no sentences and students will have one minute to read and answer them. Click here or on the picture to download the practice fluency set for the 3rd and 4th grade. You can find the 2nd-grade fluency set and information by clicking here. 

Read aloud directions for teachers:  "Here are 20 sentences. Read each sentence and ask yourself: Is this sentence true? Mark YES or NO to answer the question for each sentence. Do not start until I say “Go.” Do as many as you can before I say “Stop.”

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February 2018 Computer Desktop

It is a new month and time for a new background for your computer's desktop. I have created several designs for my readers to choose from below. Click on the picture to download your free  February desktop organizer!

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Race Strategy for Better Open-Ended Question Answers

Answering open-ended response questions is an important task and often difficult for students.  To help my students answer open-ended questions we this use the RACE strategy. First students restate the question, then answer the question, next they find evidence from the text to support their answer, and lastly, they explain how the evidence supports their response. I have seen such significant growth since we began using the RACE strategy. You can download a free copy of the RACE Strategy posters with examples to use in your classroom by clicking here or on the picture. 

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Fluency Assessment Practice and Additional TN 2nd Grade Assessment Resources

In Tennessee, the second grade assessment will include a fluency section aligned to Tennessee standard 2.RF.4.a: (RF) Reading Foundational Skills.  To help 2nd grade teachers, I have created several practice assessments as well as shared some much-needed information below.

Practice: Click here or on the picture to download the practice fluency set.

Read aloud directions for teachers:  "Here are 20 sentences. Read each sentence and ask yourself: Is this sentence true? Mark YES or NO to answer the question for each sentence. Do not start until I say “Go.” Do as many as you can before I say “Stop.”

Testing Format for TN 2nd Grade Fluency Section Assessment: Students will have a set of twenty sentences in their test booklets, varying in length from four to eight words (four each with four, five, six, seven, and eight words per sentence). Each sentence includes words that are at or below the second grade reading level. Each sentence is structured to present a statement that is easily recognizable as true or not true. Students will have one minute to read the sentences and mark YES or NO as directed

Additional TN 2nd Grade Assessment Resources: 

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Teacher Coaching Questionnaire for Instructional Coaches and Principals


           I have begun a new chapter in my teaching career as an Instructional Coach. I will be working with three groups of students each day, and the rest of the day I will be working with teachers. I have been working hard this week to create resources to help me be successful in my new role. Of course, I wanted to share them with my readers. To better get to know the teachers I will be working with I created a Teacher Coaching Questionnaire. You can click here to download it or click on the picture. I am currently working on a Coaching binder with several forms, and I will also share those with my readers.