January Letter Naming and Sound Practice (Free download)

Letter sounds and letter naming are fundamental concepts all students must master.  The free download below has a mixed practice sheet that can be used to practice either letter sounds or letter naming at home and school. 

To reduce printing, laminate the sheets or use page protectors. Then you can use an expo marker for tracking and then erase it for the next use. 

letter naming and sounds practice

Click here to download. 

Links to other Free Letter Naming and Sounds Practice: 

Snow Day Pictograph Practice

Snow days are super exciting for teachers and students alike! So what better than practice interpreting data using snowball-making data! This is another free download for my amazing readers! If you are looking for something specific, let me know in the comments. 

Pictograph Practice free download


Successful Student Notes (Free Download)

A great way to show your students support and recognize good behavior is to send home positive notes to their parents/guardians. But doing this can sometimes be forgotten with all of the other tasks we have to complete daily.  

Here are a few tips to help you remember and get those positive notes out: 

  • At the beginning of the grading period, put each student's name on one note and go ahead and sign it, but do not fill out the behavior. 
    • This way, you won't miss giving one out to anyone each grading period, and you only need to check off the behavior.
  • Instead of writing each student's name on a note, use a roster to check off as you send home a positive note. This will help you make sure each student receives a positive note. But still, go ahead and sign the notes. That's one less step for later. 

Click here to download a free positive note to use with your students! 

postive notes home

Martin Luther King Jr. Articles (Two free downloads)

Are you looking for articles to use to teach your students about Martin Luther King Jr. that do not come with ads! I have two articles about Martin Luther King Jr. The first article is about his memorial, and the second covers his birth to how he became involved in the Civil Rights movement. 

Martin Luther King Jr Articles

MLK lesson plan

Click here to download both articles. 

Valentine's Day Cutting Practice for Fine Motor Skill Development (Free Downloads)

Learning to cut with scissors helps a child learn to do so much more than just cut! It helps build hand strength by opening and closing the scissors. The small muscles in their hands are important and help our little ones draw, brush their teeth, get dressed, and use cutlery.  

For Valentine's Day download and print these adorable scissor practice sheets. You can print in color or black and white. 

Valentine's Day activities

Valentine's Day printable

Valentine's Day activities

Click here to download all three!