Saturday, December 31, 2011

Great Activities to Use With Leveled Readers

           I had a great question about what activities I use with my leveled readers. Each leveled reader comes with an activity worksheet. One side focuses on vocabulary, and the other side focuses on a reading skill. I also use Florida's Center for Reading Research for other activities. The site has many different centers already made for various skills and various grade levels. Many of the activities only require printing, and you're ready to go. I organize the activities into large envelopes as pictured below. I have clear pockets so that I do not need to make copies each week. If you do not have clear pockets, a great teacher posted how to make your own on pin-interest.

A great way to make cheap clear pockets. It will save you copies and time. Click on the picture to access the teacher's directions on how to make.  

Organization of leveled reader centers. 

Click on the picture to access Florida's Reading website and resources. 
Happy New Year

Friday, December 30, 2011

Join in the New Year Blog Party!

Secondary Solutions is having a great New Year Blog Party! It's a party for all 5-12th grade teachers. Link up your blog and find some great new ones to follow!

I have found some great teacher's blogs with a lot of great ideas. 


The Crates Seats Are Done!

The crate seats have been created and look fantastic. I found step-by-step directions at Kinder Journey. The crates were about $3.50 each, and the fabric and batting were $10.00. The total cost for storage and seats was approximately $35.00 with taxes.  They were so easy to make, especially since my husband and his family helped me. We made six seats to go around my kidney table. They will make great storage, and the students will love sitting on them.

The finished product!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Leveled Readers

       So my poor husband did not feel well today, so we did not work on the crate seats. Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow, and we can make them. On another note, I would like to share how I organize my leveled readers. I teach 5th and 6th grade reading with over 80 students. So that means a lot of leveled readers are needed to meet all the needs.

       I organize all the readers into baskets. A basket for each unit arranged by the week. I further organize them by color. Green for below basic, yellow for on-level, and blue for advance. The yellow word strip marks where the books I have out belong. This makes it much easier to keep all the books organized and in order.

      Students never get their books from the baskets. Students get their leveled reader and activities from the pocket chart. The pocket chart is labeled with their grade and color. The first column is for their books, second column for blank activities, and the third column is for their completed work.

     Please let me know if you have any questions about my leveled reader system or if you have suggestions.

New to Blogging!

       I have always enjoyed stalking other teachers blogs for new ideas for my classroom. Many of which I have used in my classroom, and I would like to share ideas with the teachers in the blog world. On that note, I have found a fantastic idea for crate seats on . I will be working on them tomorrow and will be posting the results. (Wish me luck)