Saturday, December 31, 2011

Great Activities to Use With Leveled Readers

           I had a great question about what activities I use with my leveled readers. Each leveled reader comes with an activity worksheet. One side focuses on vocabulary and the other side focuses on a reading skill. I also use Florida's Center for Reading Research for other activities. The site has many different center already made for various skills and various grade levels. Many of the activities only require printing and your ready to go. I organize the activities into large envelopes as pictured below. I have clear pockets, so that I do not need to make copies each week. If you do not have clear pockets a great teacher posted how to make your own on pin-interest.

A great way to make cheap clear pockets. It will save you copies and time. Click on the picture to access the teacher's directions on how to make.  

Organization of leveled reader centers. 

Click on the picture to access Florida's Reading website and resources. 
Happy New Year