Vista Print Online Deal $17.00 for $70.00

  Groupon currently has deal where you pay $17.00 and get $70.00 worth of printing. Click on picture above to purchase your groupon. I have seen ideas all over blogs and pinterest on how to use Vista Print in the classroom. I am going to use my money to purchase the following items: 
Rubber Stamp (Free item)
Pen with my Name and Class Website (Free) 
Business Cards (You can get for free, but I wanted a different design) (500 for $18.99)

Business Card Holder ($5.99) (Just thought it would be cute to keep in my purse for all the times you see parents at Wal-mart) 

Notepad (3 for $18.49)

Car Magnet ($6.99) (You can get a free one, but I wanted one to match the colors in my room)

Sticky Notes ( 5 for $10.49)

Thank you Cards (10 for free)

Mouse pad (1 for $5.49)

          I'll take pictures of all the items when they arrive! I am really excited.