Update on Life and the Exciting Changes

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           I started the school year out as a 5th and 6th grade ELA teacher, but I am now a K-8 Reading Interventionist. About the sixth week of school a position opened at another school in our district. After much thought and prayer, I applied for the position. I started my new position in September and have been growing and learning in my new position.

            My day is split and I spend half of the day pulling small groups of students providing tier 2 and tier 3 reading intervention. The other half of the day I spend my time evaluating teachers, conducting benchmark assessments, finding and providing resources for teachers, etc. I have really enjoyed building relationships with all the students and staff at my new school.

           As far as my blog, I will still be posting. I will continue to look for and create resources to share with all my readers. I also post on Facebook and Twitter and will be adding You Tube to the mix within the next month or so. One of my favorite teaching strategies is creating hand movements to help students remember vocabulary. I will be creating videos of the "hand-signals" created by myself and students over the years. Let me know if there are other videos you would be interested in viewing as an educator.

Happy New Year

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