5 Must Follow Twitter Hashtags for Educators

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       Twitter is my go to for online professional development. Anytime I'm looking for new ideas, educational tools, or a solution to a problem I head to Twitter. Check out my list of must follow hashtags for educators. 

1. #Edtech 
            Educators use these hashtags to share ideas, trends, and research related to the effective implementation of classroom technology. A must follow for educators wishing to stay up-to-date on Edtech and tools for the classroom. 

2. #Edtools: 
         Educators use this hashtag to share free recommendations and reviews of Web tools. Follow this hashtag to get updates on technological trends or apps that can improve students’ learning. 

3. #GAFE:
      Follow this hashtag to learn tips and tricks for using Google’s tools in the and out of the classroom. Follow the hashtag to connect with Google Certified Innovators and educators who write about using Google Apps for Education tools. Also, learn about shortcuts, how to create various products, using the Drive and more.

4. #EduMatch: 
     @sarahdateechur created this hashtag to help educators around the world connect with other educators who share their passions and interests. Follow this hashtag to connect with like-minded educators and to learn about new projects and tools for your classroom. 

5. #EdChat: 
     Educators use this hashtag to discuss all things related to education and teaching. Follow this hashtag to find articles, resources, and tools for use in and out of the classroom. 

        Please be sure to share your favorite educator hashtags in the comments below and check out my other post on Twitter below: 


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