I'll Show You Mine!

         While blog hoping this afternoon I came across Mrs. Bainbridge's blog. She is sharing her lesson plans with everyone and has encouraged others to share as well. I am a check list kind of gal, so my lesson plans follow that layout. I also print my lesson plans and keep them in a three ringer binder, as well as turn them into the office each Monday. Take a look at my plans:

Click on picture to see lesson plans! 

        Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. 



  1. I LOVE the "I can" statements! Thank you for reminding me that I need to start working on those... someone else had them in their lesson plan too and I really wanted to do that this year, but just haven't implemented it yet. Thanks!

    Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog

    1. The "I can" statements are requirement from our central office, but I like them. The standards are so broad and sometimes confusing. The statements help my students and myself know exactly what I am teaching and what they will be able to do at the end of the lesson.

      Thank you for stopping by!


  2. I'm waiting for us to need the Common Core Standards on our lesson plans...for now, mine are super simplistic. I like yours...I'm linear in thinking {straight down} like you.

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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