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        I do my best to make test prep as fun as possible. I do some of the following activities to practice: 

  • TCAP (That's our test) Prep musical chairs with a twist. Using the smart board I have TCAP similar questions. Student walk around the chairs as the music plays. When the music stops the person standing must answer a question. If they answer the question, they can steal someones seat and they must answer a question, it goes on until someone is out. The students love it! 
  • Power Point games: I make many different review games with the templates and Jefferson County School Board Website
  • Bell Review: This game needs an open space. Students send a person from their team to answer the question. The two students stand at their start line and when I finish the question they must walk quickly  to the bell. The first to ring the bell, gets to answer first. If they get it wrong the other team gets a chance. Usually there is a prize for the winning team in the end. 

    My students are very competitive and enjoy any game where they can try to win. 


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  1. I just stumbled across your website, thanks for your link to some powerpoint games.




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