I Won....I Won

                    When I check my email this morning, I was shocked and amazed at the fact that I had won a $200.00 Amazon gift-card. I entered the pininterest contest last week, but I never thought I would win.The giveaway was sponsored by MaryGrove College and the following blogs:

The Organized Classroom Blog
Sunny Days in Second Grade
The Lesson Plan Diva
Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggers
Cooperative Learning
Teaching in the Early Years
Sub Hub
Third Grade Gridiron
Corkboard Connections
Teaching Blog Central

           I know you are all wondering how I spent the $200.00. I spent it on my students of course. We are going to be proud owners of a Kindle Touch, Scrabble Flash Cubes, Classroom light filters, and a rolling file for our centers. The students were super excited when I told them about winning and our new "toys". I will be taking and posting pictures soon. Again, thank you to all these wonderful sponsor and the opportunity they have brought to my students.



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