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       I am blogging from TETA in Dyserburg, TN. We have learned a lot the last two days about tools to use with your students. I have one last day of the conference before I go back to East Tennessee. I've attended several sessions and here are some of the sites that would be great for classroom use. Click on each link to go to the site.

  • Tennessee History for Kids - Great site with primary sources, virtual tours, videos, and many other resources. 
  • Saylor Free Educationa collection of more than 280 free online courses available any time and at your own pace.
  • CK-12 FoundationCollaborative learning via a community where authors, teachers, and students create, access, share, rate, recommend, and publish Flexible platform that helps teachers to design & distribute relevant learning material
    • Common Core and NSES aligned digital FlexBooks serve as core text
    • Take a quiz and track your progress
    • Bookmark, highlight and take notes
    • Study guides to help students prepare
         I hope you find these sites helpful! 


  1. Awesome -- thanks for mentioning, Meagan! We're working hard to bring out more K-12/CCSS aligned courses as well (six so far).

    - Sean / community engagement manager,

    1. Thank you for such an awesome resource for educators and students! Looking forward to all the CCSS courses.


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