Technology Thursday: Excel Tips and Tricks

    I am joining Teaching Trio for a Technology Linky. I love using technology in my classroom, but sometimes it drives me crazy. I wanted to share some tips for using Excel to make your technology mojo happy. 

How to Change the Size of Columns and Rows 

1. Highlight the column or row you would like to change. 
2. Right click at the top of the row. Example at the D.
3. Click on Column/Row width.

4. Change the size to meet your need.

How to Merge Cells 

1. Highlight the cells you would like to merge.
2. Right click and select format cells. 

3. Click the alignment tab. 
4. Then click to check mark merge cells

     If you would like some more technology tips and tricks head over to the Teaching Trio and check out more awesome ideas! 

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