Monday Made It!

        I am joining 4th Grade Frolics for my favorite Monday Made It! These week I worked on a better system for the laptops in my classroom. For my project I needed: 

Rolodex Nestable Mesh Stacking Side Load Letter Tray ROL62555
Five mesh stacking letter trays

Five different washi tape designs. I bought my from Pick Your Plum 

This is my charging station for my laptops I created. Each laptop, power cord, and tray have matching washi tape. Now student won't struggle to find the correct cord for the correct device. Also, it looks so much better than a pile of laptops and cords! 

Displaying photo 4.JPG

Sorry for the bad phone pictures, but it does look so much better! I now off to check out all the other Monday Made Its to get inspired for next week! 


  1. I like your laptop stand idea. I wish you'd post the links to buy the products you share on your blog. That way we can buy them too.You could become an affiliate of amazon, target, walmart, etsy etc and you'll get some money when people click the links you post. Help others and make money too. Win win !

    1. That is an amazing idea! I will definitely do that. Thank you for your support. :)


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