ClassDojo's Big News!


        I am so excited to share with you the newest feature to happen at ClassDojo. They are launching a video series with discussion guides to help students learn about growth mindset. There will be five episodes in the series with the lovable green monster Mojo and his friends. The first video launched on Tuesday, January 19th and can be found here Every following Sunday, ClassDojo will release the next episode in the series. This resource is fantastic because: 

  • The videos are short enough to maintain the attention of younger viewers but still appeals to older students.
  • The videos focus on growth mindset and how to nurture that vital life skill. 
  • The discussion guide contains questions for a class discussion and questions for parents to have with their children. 
  • The videos use the loving characters students have connected to with the use of ClassDojo. 
  • The video is released on a schedule to allow for discussion and also to incite excitement. (Countdown calendar sounds fun)  
  • It's free (I love free) 

    After finishing the video be sure to sign up for reminders of the future releases of videos. Be sure to check out the videos here

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